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G’nache P’nache Coming Soon
Lemon Flavor Now available at all Central Markets!

3-ChefsIn 1986, Pastry Chef Tricia and her business partners, Elyse and Eve founded their first pastry shop in Tricia’s hometown of Jersey City. It proved so successful that they then launched an even bigger operation, La Petite Patisserie in Dumont, NJ in 1993.

The new business drew the attention of thousands of loyal customers and national food critics from The New York Times, Gourmet Magazine and beyond. “We made over 35 products from scratch,” Tricia says, with a special emphasis on the art of “making” each item with the best ingredients and attention to detail.

I figure if people are going to “cheat” and have a treat, they deserve to cheat on something worth having!

Now Tricia, Elyse and Eve are venturing out into Manufacturing! They have decided to build a company with a national reach. All the while continuing to produce quality baked goods. Our intention is to become synonymous with Quality without sacrificing flavor and taste! So enjoy the new idea of a frozen cookie!